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Using the latest materials and technology Neater Heaters heating systems are manufactured in Europe to the highest standards and come with a five year warranty. Testing has shown that the reduced running costs of our heating systems over their "competition" can produce considerable annual savings for the customer. Why is this?

Our heating systems use Convection principals and are designed so that the electricity you put into the heater is converted to heat as cheaply as possible. Quite simply: When you turn on the heater the element warms up rapidly and heats the air around it, this air rises and draws more cold air into the heater. Because the element is extremely efficient and is designed to have a huge surface area a large quantity of air is heated very quickly. If your room has the correct sized heater it will take about twenty minutes to warm up from cold, after which the heater eases off and works at about two thirds capacity, (depending on various external influences).

The Norwegian based design and engineering make Neater Heater systems among the most efficient electric heaters for our Spanish climate. Convector heaters warm the air around you and provide a pleasant ambient heat for your home. Neater Heaters do it better, and cheaper, than the “Competition”.

Whether you are choosing from the stylish Glamox or Beha ranges, or the more utilitarian Vigo or Adax Standard ranges, you can be confident that you will have an efficient cost-effective heater with safety and quality assured. For modern interiors, or where a splash of colour may be desired, the slim and elegant design of the Adax Neo fits right in. The Neo is both smart and clever, with a digital display and an in-built day and night temperature reduction, it can provide a further 25% reduction in running costs.

All our heating systems are available as normal Panel Heaters or low-profile skirting board heaters. They can also all be supplied with feet to provide a stand-alone option.

We also offer a few solutions to some of life’s chilly problems. Whether you need our “Welly warmer” hot air blower (designed to warm ski boots, or dry out soaking football boots overnight), or a warm air blowing footrest for office workers in cold offices, factories, or workshops.  Neater Heater may have just the right Neat solution for you.

Beha, Adax and Vigo heating systems

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Convector Heaters versus Infrared.

Most customers come to Neater Heater having already made a decision to use electric heating. They are then faced with a bewildering choice of heating options.
Richard and Tony from Neater Heater have explained, at length, why their convector heaters are the best in their category. However, one of the questions they are constantly asked is
“What is the difference between convector heating and Infrared heating?”

There are three ways that heat energy is distributed: Conduction; Convection; and Radiation.

Conduction.  If you touch the metal handle of a metal saucepan you will burn your hand, because the metal has conducted the heat efficiently. If the handle was wooden, you would not burn your hand as wood is a bad conductor of heat, and absorbs the energy into itself.

Convection. Hot air rises. This is known as convection. As a Neater Heater element warms up, it heats the air around it. Because the element is designed to have a huge surface area it does this very quickly and efficiently. As the hot air rises out of the top of the heater it is replaced by cold air that is drawn into the bottom of the heater. This cold air, in turn, is rapidly heated and rises. The warm air now rises to the ceiling and spreads out until it starts filling the room, from the top, with warm air. After about twenty minutes (with the right sized heater) the air in the room is warm and the thermostat starts to reduce consumption.

Radiation.  A source of radiated heat will warm objects in a direct line of sight with it for
a certain distance. Infrared Heaters and Kebab cookers does this very well, they both heat objects facing them and nothing else; the air remains cold. This is why the kebab has to rotate.  Also, if you put another object between you and the radiation heat source, you are now in the shadow, and are no longer being heated. Infrared is a very effective heating choice in certain, specific, situations, but has a huge “Achilles Heel” if being used for general heating.

The advantage of infrared would be if you had a huge area to heat like a large open-plan- living room, or a Naya. Here you would not choose a convector heater, but you could use an infrared heater to warm objects (you) in a specific part of the room; maybe by the television. However, the minute you move away from this small area you would start feeling cold again as you are no longer within its range.

If you were sat at a dining table in winter, your bodies would be warm, but your legs and feet, in the shadow caused by the table, could be like lumps of ice. A convector heater, however, would warm all the air in the room, including that occupying the space under the table.

Infrared sales people state that their heaters warm objects which, in turn, radiate heat back into the room. This might work in a world of insulated properties, but in Spain the walls will just lose the heat to the outside due to lack of insulation, and wooden furniture will absorb the heat as demonstrated by the fact that we use wooden handles on saucepans.

Neater Heaters are designed to heat up the air in a non-complicated way.
It also helps that they look good as well.

Some Customers’ questions explained.
Having set up Neater Heater many years ago, Richard and Tony have frequently encountered the same questions from customers trying to decide which heater option is better for them.
Some of these questions have been answered by “Internet Experts” on forums where the answers are as baffling as some of the questions. 

Why choose Electric heating over traditional Gas, or Oil, powered central heating systems? 
Mainly Installation costs. Although the perception is that running costs of Gas and Oil systems are probably cheaper (although that is disputable) a full Neater Heater central heating system can be installed in most small villas for about €1,000 – the price of a boiler. Not only that, but Neater Heaters are movable. Water-filled Radiators aren’t.

Are Neater Heaters Economical to run?
Compared to most of the competition, yes they are. But more importantly they are efficient which makes them cost-effective, and that is more important. Seven years ago I tried to heat my son’s bedroom with a 900 Watt “Eco Heater” which barely made a difference at all. I replaced that with a 1000watt Neater Heater, which cost a bit more, and the difference was astounding. Even with the “Eco Heater” my son was unable to concentrate on his homework, even with his outdoor clothes on, and ended up doing it in the living room. The Neater Heater, however, warmed his room effectively allowing him to study in a teeshirt.
Not only that, but the Neater Heater was only running at 3/4 capacity of about 750 Watts.
In other words, The Neater heater cost me less to keep him warm than the “Eco Heater” cost to keep him cold.

There is a guy on an Internet Forum who says that if you put a kilowatt of electricity into any heater you can only get a kilowatt out and all electric heaters are the same!
We have heard this nonsense on all the Internet Forums we have bothered to look into. In my spare bedroom I have two pieces of electrical apparatus. They both use metal electric elements to convert electricity to heat energy. One of them uses 2,300 kwh and if you left it on for five hours would probably not raise the room temperature by more than a degree, but it can be used to put lovely creases in shirts. The other one is a Neater Heater which uses about 750kwh, and if you left it on for 20 minutes would raise the room temperature by 10 degrees. Unfortunately, it is rubbish at ironing shirts. 
Neater Heaters are convector heaters designed by engineers to gently heat up the air in your room as fast and effectively as possible.