About Adax

Founded in 1948 ADAX AS is a leading supplier of heating and drying products to households in the Scandinavian market and Europe.

 manufactures and supplies Adax, Glamox Heating and Norel heating products with a contemporary design and advanced control systems, as well as fan heaters, portable heaters, shoe dryers and drying racks.

Manufacturing takes place in Svelvik, Norway and in Paneveziv, Lithuania and employs a workforce of just over 1,300 situated both in Norway and abroad.

From their Vp model range of convector heaters that rival their competitors for efficiency, style and importantly price to the elegant slimline Neo range that are available in many colours.With the Glamox heater thrown into the mix you have a range of heaters to suit the needs of most households.

Simple Heat Calculations
(Our calculations for Spain)

Measure the area of the room to be heated in m2. 
Allow 100 watts per m2 for areas needing to be warm, e.g. Living rooms and Bathrooms.
Allow 75-100 watts per m2 for areas such as bedrooms which you may not require to have the same level of heating.
(add extra to rooms with higher than normal ceilings,
remember some rooms are colder than others particularly north facing rooms)

Adax recommended calculations In Norway

(Please note that in Spain, Portugal and France most houses are not very well insulated in comparison to Norwegian homes. Please select poor insulation when considering the size of your heater or if in doubt use the 100w for every m2 rule) 


The approx running cost are 23 cents ( including iva ) per kilowatt hour , based on Iberdrola standard tariff. (rates vary, please check your individual tariff on your electricity bill in your area) 
This means that for every 1 kw used continuously for one hour it will cost you 23 cents.
The total cost for a 1kw heater running continuously for 24 hours would therefore be € 5.52.
(These figures are greatly reduced with the thermostat in operation) 

You can work out roughly how much your heating would be using our heaters the following way.
Work out the square meterage of the room/rooms you want to heat. The chart will show you the size of radiator in Watts that would be needed to effectively heat that room.
Each 100 watts will cost you 2.3 cents including iva per hour on the standard tariff (Iberdrolla´s figures, the correct term is 23 cents /kilowatt hour, it means the same).

The cost is varied by the fact that Adax heaters have thermostats built into them and therefore are not running continuously for one hour as they will be reaching the set temperature and turning off.
The thermostat will also regulate according to differing factors like the outdoor temperature and how many open doors or windows you have in the area where the heaters are fitted.

A heater with a greater wattage does not use more energy, and does not cost more to run. The heater’s element will be working less frequently, which also gives a lower surface temperature.