Electric Towel Warmer

Electric towel heaters provide a comfortable and safe use in houses, work places and
prefabricated houses not having heating systems. They provide solutions for your architectural applications in the bathroom, kitchen, corridor and the remaining living spaces of your home or work place with different choices of models and colours.

Heating and Drying
They are used for drying purposes in addition to the fact that it also heats the surrounding
areas in an efficient way. When compared to high speed driers, it dries your clothes and all
kinds of textile products without wearing them out.

Low Space Requirement
Towel warmers save space and can be easily mounted on the wall. They provide heating at
different temperature levels as needed and allows low energy consumption with its economic heating option.

More Hygienic Towels
Vigo heaters are the safest and the most proper heaters that can be used in humid environments.
Your towels and bathrobes remain wet even during summer and thus cause bacteria and fungus formation.
Vigo towel heaters eliminate all these problems.

Vigo electric towel warmers are ideal for any bathroom and kitchen with its functionality
and elegant design. They are self-contained electric units that are independent of the
central heating system and provide four- season usage.
Towel radiators provide an attractive means to also heat kitchens, laundry rooms,
foyers and virtually any room where comfort is paramount and space is limited.
If you need to wrap yourself in the luxury of a warm towel, Vigo is the answer. 

Electronic control, Min-Eco max modes, High Heat Efficiency, Quality paint

* Does not require hot water installations. 
* Offers practical solutions to houses including offices, hotels and hospitals. 
* Space saving. 
* Electronic control unit allows heat level adjustment and saves energy. 
* Dry your clothes even in summer and avoid bacterias.
* Ease of installation.
* Gently dry your clothes without wearing out.

Electric Towel Radiator Model Selection


Power  (Watt)

Room Area  (m2)

EHR 5012



EHR 5015



EHR 5019



EHR 5023



EHR 5033



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The heat requirement depends on factors such as the exterior temperature, room heat isolation, door open / close cycles. The values stated on the above table are for average conditions therefore when calculating the heater power these factors should be taken into consideration.