MG 1500E Stand Alone Heater

The new environmental Stand Alone Heater from Beha is manufactured and designed in Norway.

It has a unique heating principle designed and patented by Beha.

Beha MG 1500E costs slightly more than the other heaters but it is in a class of its own in terms of quality and technical specification.

The quality of this heater is noticeable even before you have turned it on. It is quite heavy at almost 9 pounds but this ensures the heater is sturdy and secure.

The environmental floor heater has such a low surface temperature that it does not even burn dust, a dream for asthma and allergy sufferers.

It also has an electronic thermostat that ensures the most accurate temperature regulation the market can offer.

The heater is adjustable from 500 – 1500 watts.

There is no other heater product currently on the market with this technology. The heating principle has been patented and based on the idea of indirect heating. The elements sit in the heat chamber at the side of the “cooling channel”. The large smooth aluminium channels ensure high output and gentle heating of the air.

Beha MG 1500

  • Product Code: mg 1500
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  • 335.00€