Convector Heaters

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Modern design and Cost effective heating improving your indoor environment. A popular alternative to traditional central heating. Convector heating systems produce dry heat as opposed to portable gas heaters.

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Balearic islands, France and Portugal.
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Adax, Neo and Beha convector heaters come with a 5 year defect warranty and free delivery.

In today´s climate of austerity and rising fuel prices it is more important than ever to research your heating options. Many people wait until winter has arrived before rushing out to get a heater and by that time all the good, affordable, and reliable ones have already been sold and you are put at the bottom of a long waiting list.

The time to buy heaters is before they are needed, so you can get what you want without compromise. we always have plentiful in stock so order them through our online shop and with our free delivery service you can be happy in the knowledge that when winter arrives or is upon us you won’t be cold.



Vigo convector heaters come with a 3 year defect warranty and free delivery.

Our heaters can be used for full central heating of the home or can be
purchased individually for one or more rooms with a large variety of models
available for free delivery.


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