New generation heaters ADAX NEO with Wi-Fi thermostat, contemporary, elegant, slim line form eminently suits modern interiors.

The NEO WI-FI has protection class IP24 (splash proof), so they can be installed anywhere in the house but also are ideal for humid conditions such as bathroom and laundry rooms.

It has a built-in wireless thermostat WT which allows the heaters to heat the premises, when it is needed, and reduce the room temperature at night or day, when you are sleeping or not at home. If your plans will change, you can easily change the current settings with your smart phone or tablet by using the mobile app (application), regardless your location.

These heaters can also be used manually with whatever temperature you require by just turning the heater on and off and adjusting the thermostat to the temperature you want by using the control panel on each individual heater.

Please note. It is important to check that the room intended for the installation of the heater has a strong wifi signal from the router. If not then this can be rectified by purchasing a plug-in wi-fi extender to boost the signal. 


Wireless thermostat WT advantages:

  • operated from a mobile phone or tablet by connecting directly to the heater or through the internet network
  • controlled by the program (applications), adapted to iOS, Android and Windows Mobile phone platforms from any place of the world
  • without connection to mobile device, thermostat performs as an electronic thermostat and maintains manually set constant temperature
  • current temperature readings and the desired temperature settings displayed on smart phone or tablet screen
  • the desirable weekly or daily temperature pre-setting and editing
  • fully adjustable comfort and economic (day and night) temperature settings
  • easily programmed by using mobile application
  • displaying preset temperature of the thermostat screen display
  • in case of faults and malfunctions, it will be displayed in the program (application)
  • energy efficient (energy savings of up to 25%)
  • precise, silent and sensitive

The thermostat maintains precise temperature, which is an essential condition for comfort and energy savings. Illuminated LCD display on heater shows what the temperature is maintained in the room and on mobile phone or tablet screen is displayed current and preset temperatures.

Easy to install with a detachable wall bracket, doesn't burn dust and oxygen. Supplied with cable and plug.
Temperature range of thermostat 6 - 30°C. 5 year warranty.

Wi-fi downloadable pdfs

user manual

wi-fi app manual

NEO Wi-Fi phone Guide