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Neater Heater is based in Moraira, Northern Costa Blanca and has a team of English and Spanish speakers.
Like most ex-pats moving to Spain we were shocked at how cold our houses became in the winter. We were also shocked at the price of installing a reasonable heating system. We simply couldn’t afford  gas, or oil, systems, and decent quality electric heaters were incredibly expensive to buy. However, we had to opt for electric due to the prohibitive installation costs of any viable alternative system.
We tried them all:

  • Expensive wall mounted oil-filled heaters ­- economical to run but not very effective:
  • Cheap oil filled heaters from Ferreterias - cheap to buy, not very effective, but incredibly expensive to run:
  • Paint-able wall-mounted panel heaters – cheap to buy and incredibly ineffective.  In fact the size of heater specified by the manufacturer was unable to heat up our twelve year old son’s bedroom sufficiently enough for him to be able to do his homework in there – even wearing his coat and gloves.

Then we had a lucky break.
While working in the holiday home of a British businessman, we were impressed by his electric heaters and asked him where he got them from. He told us that they were Norwegian heaters, unavailable in Spain. It turned out that he was the UK importer for them and would happily get us some – which he did.
The improvement to our lifestyle was incredible. They cost no more to run than the heaters they replaced, less in fact, but the whole house was warm in winter for the first time since we had moved to Spain.
It was costing me less to keep my family warm than it had cost me the previous year to keep them cold. My son could now do his homework wearing just jeans and a teeshirt!
To paraphrase Victor Kiam: “We were so impressed with the product that we started a company”.

It didn’t take us long to realise that these affordable, quality electric convector heaters filled a gaping hole in the market, as they not only provided economic running costs, but efficient heating as well. Excited by the possibility of importing and selling these Norwegian heaters, we presented a business plan to our wives, Cathy and Nikki, who, with very little persuasion, completely supported us. Neater Heater was born.
Using the figures of our realistic competition we calculated that it would cost well over €2,000 just to buy their most economic radiators to heat a (sample) three bedroom villa, we would be able to supply and fit Neater Heaters to the same villa for less than €1000. Five years later: We still can.
Many ex-pats obviously agreed with us and, despite the depth of the financial crisis, the company has grown to a point where we now have outlets where customers can view & purchase Neater Heaters in the Costa Blanca, the Costa Calida, Almeria, the Costa Del Sol & Cadiz.
We also offer these fantastic products throughout Spain with free delivery available to your home when purchased via our online shop.

Always Improving our service
The winter of 2013-2014 has been a very exciting time for Neater Heater as we have expanded our product range to become Neater Heaters.
We realised that, while being an extremely efficient, attractive, affordable and cost-effective heater, the Beha panel heater that we market did not give our customers many choices other than the size of the heater they required. To rectify this, and having faith in the Norwegian designs, we researched options in Norway and are now delighted to offer our customers a greater choice by introducing them to the ADAX range of heaters.
Customers can now choose between the BEHA and the ADAX convector heaters, or, if they prefer, the variety of colours offered with the stylish NEO panel heaters. We also offer the BEHA and ADAX CLEA glass-fronted heaters.

Neater Heaters are ideal for older homes which have no heating systems, as they can be quickly and easily installed without any disruption to you or your home. This is ideal for those few, but cold, Spanish winter months.

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